Welfare Rights Standard Letters

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These standard letters, (in Word format, unless otherwise stated), are invaluable tools for welfare rights work. You may save them on your hard drive or complete them on screen and print and you can adapt them for your own use – but I retain copyright and you must keep the footer on each letter.


Some letters are free, but for a one-off fee of only £10.20 (includes VAT) you will have unlimited access to all the letters so that you can download them whenever you need to. From time to time, the letters are updated and added to.

This fee applies to each workplace – so for example, all the advisers in a single workplace will be covered by one fee. After paying the fee, you will be emailed a VAT receipt which will contain your password. You can pay by credit or debit card or a Paypal account. To purchase unlimited access now, click the Buy Now button below.

Words in bold print in the letters contain instructions and/or optional information and should be deleted before you print.   From 28th October 2013, the law is changing to stop people appealing against a benefit decision made after this date unless they have both first asked for and had a reconsideration of the benefit decision they are disputing and the reconsideration does not change the decision favourably.  You cannot use the benefit appeal letter for decisions made from 28th October 2013.  These changes do not apply to Housing Benefit or Council Tax Benefit and the right to appeal straight away will continue for these.  The changes apply to Child Benefit and Tax Credits from April 2014.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. The letters are designed to be used by advisers. And the letters are only as good as the adviser who uses them; they must be used with appropriate advice and proper examination of the issues in each case, so no liability can be accepted for how they are used or for the results obtained.
  2. These letters are copyright ©. Yes it's easy to copy them and give passwords to other people, but that deprives authors of income and is unlawful. I will take action for breach of copyright if I find you have forwarded a password onto a third party or outside your workplace or if you have breached the conditions about only using the letters within your workplace. It is possible to track such activity.

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